About Us


Based in beautiful Tampa, FL, Harris & Stearns, Inc. is a wholesale upholstery distributor that has proudly served the interior design, upholstery shop, and workroom trades since 1928. While we’re passionate about staying on top of the latest industry trends, our mission remains the same: provide top quality products and customer service at the best possible price in order to promote innovative craftsmen in their work and art. For nearly 90 years, we’ve strived to be an integral part of an industry that unites comfort, utility, and beauty.


As a wholesale upholstery distributor, we offer an extensive collection of quality fabrics, vinyls, tools and supplies, including:

  • Decorative home furnishing fabrics
  • Naugahyde superior performance vinyl
  • Exotic faux animal vinyls
  • Marine canvas, tools, supplies, and fasteners
  • Automotive vinyls (basic)
  • Herculite industrial fabric
  • Adhesives
  • Furniture refinishing supplies
  • Upholstery tools and workroom supplies


Like the products we supply, our customer base is diverse, distinctive, and always growing! We do business with some of the largest consumers of upholstery-related products as well as many small “mom & pop,” custom shops. Our customer base is comprised of movers and shakers across a spectrum of industries, including real estate, community development, shipping, automotive, and military.

We frequently work with:

  • Interior Designers & Decorators: We routinely work with interior designers who cater to individuals in residential settings and those who work on commercial projects (public works, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds).
  • Upholsterers & Craftsmen: Harris and Stearns supplies upholsterers and craftsmen with high-quality fabrics, tools, and supplies. We serve clients in a variety of industries, including marine and automotive.


At Harris and Stearns, we believe a customer is more than an account number and we attribute our success to the personalized attention and superior service we provide each patron. We know our clients’ names and faces because we’ve taken the time to build those relationships and we appreciate them immensely.

Our Values:

Every decision at Harris and Stearns is designed to align with five fundamental company values:

  1. First-rate customer service.
  2. Honesty and transparency at every level.
  3. Education and guidance to help our customers make informed decisions.
  4. Customer satisfaction with products and performance.
  5. Promotion of craftsmanship in the art of upholstery and interior design.

See what happens when comfort, utility, and beauty work together.


Shipping Information:

Please call our office for our shipping rates and carriers.
(813) 253-0111
Email: harris.stearns@verizon.net