Marine zippers, which often begin to break down after prolonged UV exposure, are a known source of frustration in the boating community. As they become increasingly chalky and brittle, the teeth eventually start to separate and need to be replaced or repaired.

At Harris and Stearns, we know not all zippers are created equal. That’s why we carry products manufactured by the prestigious YKK Corporation, the world’s largest and most reputable zipper manufacturer. Founded 1934, this Japanese group of manufacturing companies continues to dominate the market today due to the superior quality and durability of their products. Unlike many of their competitors, YKK zippers are UV and corrosion resistant, making them an ideal fit for marine environments.

With counterfeit YKK zippers flooding the market, you need to insist on authentic YKK zippers in order to protect your products and brand. As a trusted supplier, you can rest assured that you are purchasing genuine YKK parts when you order marine zippers from Harris and Stearns.

Use YKK zippers in canvas enclosures, jib luff sleeves, sail covers, and more! Select a link below to view an item and read accompanying product specs.