Value Vinyls

The Economical Option

Our Value Vinyls selections were designed with your bottom line in mind. Our Magic and Illusion collections are classified as polyurethane (PU), a more economical alternative to both leather and other faux leather products like polycarbonate (PC) NuLeather.

In addition to their affordability, PU faux leather fabric is softer as well as more flexible, and breathable than PC faux leather products. Polyurethane upholstery is manufactured with a coating of flexible polymer fabric, allowing for the best imitation of genuine leather in terms of feel and overall performance.

Need a sample? Just ask! FREE sample swatches are available upon request.


Constructed with a brushed polyester backing, our Illusion fabric collection is soft to the touch and beautiful to behold with a two-toned natural leather grain look. Choose from eight gorgeous earth-toned shades that won’t crack or peel!


If you crave the look and feel of suede, our Magic faux leather fabric collection is for you! The fabric’s semi-PU construction combines a PVC foam layer and polyurethane top finish on a polyester backing to simulate a soft suede hand. This faux leather will not crack or peel. The Magic collection’s reversible pattern is available in fifteen bewitching shades.