What is Microfiber Fabric?

Microfiber fabric is an ultra-thin synthetic fiber. Measuring less than one denier, microfiber is even thinner than silk. Although the fibers are comprised of various synthetic materials such as rayon and polyester, the magic of microfiber is in the versatility that enables the fabric to imitate natural products like silk and leather. Due to this chameleon-like quality, microfiber is used in a diverse range of products, including furniture, insulation, athletic clothing, and basketballs.

When it comes to furniture, microfiber offers several attractive benefits.

  • Comfort
  • Durable
  • Stain resistant
  • Allergen deterrent
  • Easy to clean

What is Microsuede Fabric?

Created with 100% polyester, microsuede fabric is a soft type of microfiber designed to look and feel like real suede. It also offers many of the same benefits as microfiber (stain resistance, durability, etc.) at a discounted rate, making it a popular option for home furnishings.

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