Our marine hardware collection contains both premium and standard snap fasteners with superior snap action and holding strength. The heavy-duty construction provides a firm grip that you can trust for years to come.

Premium Snap Fasteners

We carry several premium stainless steel fastener products, including:

  • Strategically designed with a unique window cutout that folds under the post to minimize dimpling. No need pre-piercing required with these stainless steel posts – even when working with tough fabrics or leathers.
  • Fasnap® premium stainless steel sockets offer exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel standard action studs are available with an elevated or low base. Can be used with eyelets on fabric applications or when attaching a stud with screws or rivets.
  • Eyelets. Fasnap® stainless steel eyelets pierce through CORDURA®, Kevlar®, and nylon webbing with ease.

Standard Snap Fasteners

Durable and affordable, Fasnap® standard fasteners are a cost-effective brass/nickel alternative that can be used in a variety of outdoor upholstery applications. Rust-proof and built to last, we carry a variety of standard snap fasteners, including:

  • standard and long post
  • standard action
  • regular and low base
  • standard and long post

Stainless Steel Premium Snap Fasteners

Brass/Military Black Snap Fasteners

Brass/Nickel Snap Fasteners


Turn Fasteners

Lift Fasteners